Learn and Experience Beauty of Kimono (special for ENG speakers)

Hope you enjoyed Sakura, but do you know what type of Kimono is CORRECT for the Sakura viewing or other events?

Are you a fan of Japanese craftsman and interested to know the DIFFERENCE of crafted kimono from prefectures across Japan?

Have you ever seen a pricy Kimono at 6th or 7th floor of a department store and wondering where are they from?

All answers in THE TRIP.
You will be able to know the ‘business model’ of Kimono world, have a holistic view on the ‘crafted brands’, ‘types’, actually see and feel their difference, AND MORE EXCITING to have a try on real elegant kimono, which may surprise you a lot that the color you like or you always look good in might not be the one for you in kimono :-p


Meet up time and venue:
10:00 meet at Exit 1 of Kodenmachyo Station Hibiya Line
*about 15min walk to the kimono wholesale which never open to the individual customers

Up to 6

2000 JPY/person
*Pay on the day by cash


Something else Important
-THE TRIP is organized by Miyabi_Kimono which is newly established and aim to let more non-Japanese to understand and experience the REAL delicacy of kimono
-NO purchase needed in the wholesale
-FREE to leave early or more than welcome to lunch together:)
Fri Apr 20, 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM JST
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Kodenmachyo Station, Tokyo
pay on the day by cash FULL
Venue Address
Kodenmachyo Station, Tokyo Japan
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